Letter to the Editor: Republicans' plan for America

Dear Editor:

In response to “Bright Ideas from the GOP’s Finest,” (11/12/15), as a Republican, I sincerely apologize for the foolishness of the Republican candidates to: 

1.) Suggest reducing the $18 trillion national debt and the $1.1 trillion added to the federal budget. How silly of Carley Fiorina to propose such an absurd idea as starting from a zero budget and include only services essential for running the federal government. 

2.) Secure our border with Mexico. How unkind of us! We must leave our borders open and let the flood of illegal immigrants in because this is the compassionate thing to do, and we Republicans, all being rich, can support them by giving of our wealth. 

3.) Consider returning undocumented persons to their country of origin so they can enter our country legally. How racist and anti-immigrants are us Republicans to think this. Those seeking legal entry into our country should remain in the back of the line and our country should continue to give the 11 million undocumented persons priority. 

4.) We must stop pointing a finger at HIllary and displaying her lies. After all, in regards to the four deaths lost in Benghazi because of her inaction, in her words, “what difference does it make now”? 

5.) Revise the Affordable Care Act. Regardless of the fact that the cost of this health plan is at the expense of the working middle class, 80 percent who could afford insurance before cannot do so now, and regardless of the fact that this Obamacare benefits only 1 percent of the formerly uninsured, and regardless of the fact the deductibles have gone from $900 a year with good benefits to $6,250 a year with very few benefits, the Republicans should not think of changing or eliminating this act because, after all, thousands of new government jobs have been instituted just to keep this insurance plan malfunctioning and the needy 1 percent of our population being helped. 

6.) Revise the income tax code so it would eliminate thousands of pages of stipulations, would be less complicated and fairer by far for all. No, we should continue to double up on gaxing the rich and distributing their wealth. 

If our country continues under a similar administration as Obama’s, those who advocate big government, increased taxes and regulations that stifle small businesses and big companies, may soon be looking for jobs that exist only overseas. The 40 percent of Californians not paying taxes will increased 60-70 percent, and those lucky to find jobs will despair and find that with suffocating taxes and regulations, a better income can be had by accepting state or federal aid -- until this runs out. 

As someone once said, “Socialism is a wonderful thing until the government runs out of money.”

Martha Morrissy-Call

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