Letter to the Editor: Responsibility of parents

Dear Editor:

Bravo to Johnathan Quevedo for bringing out into the light the lack of responsibility of people who expect they are owed being taken care of. (“Responsibilities of Parents,” Letters to the Editor, 10/8/15)

They think rules need to be made to accommodate their situation brought on by their own behavior. There was a time when having a baby out of wedlock was an embarrassment -- not now. 

Now they want special rules so they can breastfeed at school. Maybe they should drop out of school, care for their babies and return when they don’t have to breastfeed and are more mature and responsible. 

The U.S. has turned into a society that expects to be taken care of with someone else’s money, i.e. food stamps, subsidized housing, free healthcare, etc. Children get free breakfasts and lunch at school. Do you mean to tell me that Downey (the Beverly Hills of Hispanics) can’t afford breakfast and lunch for their children? If some can’t afford breakfast and lunch, they should receive help, but should be means tested. 

Also, it’s time for the state and county to pay for only one baby, since the mother knows where babies come from but is too lazy or irresponsible to prevent pregnancy. 

Elsa Van Leuven

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