Letter to the Editor: Rio Hondo staff

Dear Editor:

A shout out of thanks to Matthew and Ron at Rio Hondo Golf.

Our newly adopted (just two weeks) Golden Retriever, Jewels, became terrified of some nearby firecracker noise (the rain did not help either) and escaped. She ended up about a mile away at Rio Hondo where she was accidentally hit (tapped) by a car there.

The driver notified staff at Rio Hondo and she was tracked down and brought back soaking wet to the Pro Shop. Matthew remained with her to keep her calm until we got there. We were lucky - Jewels received a clean bill of health from our vet.

So, a big thank you to Matthew, Ron, and Rio Hondo, as well as the driver who notified them of this incident. Your thoughtfulness and kindness are very much appreciated.

Cathy Harman

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