Letter to the Editor: Send sex offenders to Gitmo

Dear Editor:

I wish to add to the comments of Mr. Brian Morales (“Sex Offenders,” Letters to the Editor, 4/23/15)

There is at least one convicted sex offender who lives within one block from Rio Hondo Elementary School. This felon was convicted of rape by force and oral copulation with a minor under 14 years old by force or fear,  as can be easily verified in the Megan’s Law website. He is the last person listed in the first page of the California Megan’s Law website today when you search for convicted sex offenders in postal code 90241.

This pervert was stalking my high school student. When we reported this to the police we were told that they could not do anything about it because stalking is not a crime. Never mind the fear it was causing in my student. They suggested to get a restraining order and we went through the legal process.

The offender’s lawyer kept getting continuances on the trial which caused my student to miss several classes. It was an attempt to harass us and my daughter but we persisted and finally the judge ordered a restraining order for this felon. This will not lure us into a false sense of security because sick people like this felon have broken the law and will do it again. He is not virtuous. He will respect the law only when he has to but will break it at his first opportunity.
I urge all parents whose children have been stalked by a sex offender to go to court and get a restraining order for him. This way we can build up a legal case against this felon which could eventually send him back to jail.

I wish President Obama would do something positive in his diplomatic courting of Cuba and get an agreement to use Guantanamo as a place to hold sexual offenders forever. This way we would not have to keep track of them and they would only be able to hurt others like themselves which would be poetic justice.

Jorge Montero

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