Letter to the Editor: Take marriage equality a step further

Dear Editor:

The Supreme Court decision about same sex marriage, while commendable, did not go far enough.

It is now the time  for more forward thinking.

The AAPM (American Association for Pet Mating) has already indicated that it will start a vigorous campaign so that members who want to marry their pets can do it  with impunity. Some people love their pets more than they love their relatives, so this makes a lot of sense. This area requires urgent attention given the short longevity, in human years, of most pets; i.e. dogs and cats predominantly.

Another area that should be considered is tri-marriage, that is the marriage among three people, they could be of the same sex, although more prevalent will be the marriage of a man to two women. The passage of this law will be a big relief for women now considered Mistresses. They will no longer be discriminated about by other married women or society in general. They have suffered enough.

I am aware of an individual who lives with two women who are twin sisters. He would gladly marry both of them at the drop of a hat because he truly loves them both. He will never marry only one of them because he wants no harm to come to the other one.

It is time for Congress and the Supreme Court to complete their task of protecting all members of society irrespective of their current marital status.

Jorge Montero

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