Letter to the Editor: Trump gets an A+


Dear Editor:

Regarding President Trump as a big spender, Joe Walsh should know that President Obama’s administration doubled the national debt. His administration incurred more debt than all the previous presidents combined.

Trump did not want to sign the omnibus spending bill but did no because he did not want the country to endure another government shutdown, and in the bill there was money designated to helping the military, which he strongly supports.

When our country went to war in Iraq under the Bushes, Trump and many others agreed we should not have done so. However, Obama and many in Congress approved of the war. My thought was we should have gone into Afghanistan, destroyed the Al-Qaeda training camps, apprehended Osama bin Laden, and gotten the hell out of the Middle East quagmire.

Trump is attempting to get out of this mess and has been very effective in reducing the ISIS territory and bringing home many in our military. He is doing his best to negotiate with the Taliban in Afghanistan but this is not easy when dealing with a barbaric entity, but he has greatly reduced the number of American military there.

Additionally, Trump is doing his best to talk with the leader of North Korea in hopes of reducing the threat of war in that area. Trump, unlike other presidents and members of Congress, does not want to be in war or change regimes in other countries. He is for peace and bringing home our endangered military.

Obama handed over $150 billion to Iran, which I would imagine had to be approved by Congress, who won’t even approve a measly $5 billion to secure our southern border.

Regarding the “squad,” how would you like it as a sitting president to be called a “mf-er” in public not be rebuked for it? If you were a Jew, how would you like it if you were insulted by anti-Semetic remarks? If you were the leader of Israel, would you want these supporters of boycotting Israel to be in your country? The “squad” may speak for their districts, but thankfully, they don’t speak for all Americans.

Trump is not perfect but with an obstructionist, do-nothing House of Representatives, he gets a big A+ for his efforts in bringing justice, civility and safety for all Americans. If you, as a so-called Republican, think you can do any better, go for it.

Martha Morrissy

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