Letter to the Editor: U.S. intervention in Venezuela

Dear Editor:

Much has been said about the US intervening in Venezuela to restore democracy in that country. While this is very laudable, it is a misguided effort.

If we are serious about expelling socialism from this continent, we should restore democracy in Cuba. This would be easier since we already have a military base there.

Cuba has been the effective exporter of socialism to Latin America since 1960 when Fidel Castro consolidated his power in Cuba. Sixty years later, the Castro dynasty continues in Cuba and we have never done anything to eradicate it.

Once Cuba is no longer socialist, Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela will not have the services of their intelligence apparatus to spy on their own people. Their military “advisors” will have to return to Cuba and so will all the “experts” that Cuba has exported to its satellites countries to maintain vigil over their population.

If we are going to intervene in the name of democracy, let’s do it where it will be more effective. Let’s get rid of the Castros’ pernicious influence in Latin America once and for all.

Jorge Montero

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