Letter to the Editor: With school construction, safety is priority

Dear Editor:

We want to start by thanking Mr. Serrano for his feedback and wish he had reached out directly to us so we were able to personally speak with him about these issues. We are sorry for the inconvenience that this construction has caused Mr. Serrano and those who may feel the same. (“School Construction,” Letters to the Editor, 8/22/19)

As a school district, we guarantee that strict guidelines and safety measures are followed in regard to our construction projects. While we don’t utilize the city’s inspectors and guidelines, we work with the Division of the State Architect (DSA) and abide by all state rules and codes, which in most cases are more stringent than city ordinances.

Also, as student and staff safety are always our top priorities in everything we do, we make sure that construction areas are fenced off and students/staff have alternative pathways allowing them to access the portions of the campus that are safe at all times.

We understand that the Griffiths Middle School campus is currently an eye sore, but we can guarantee that our construction companies are working as quickly as possible to shorten the inconvenience for our students, staff and the community. The Griffiths Middle School campus will soon be the proverbial phoenix rising from the ashes and will not only enhance the school itself but the experience for all our students who will matriculate through the campus for generations to come. In combination with bettering the experience for our students, our goal is to enhance the neighborhood around the campus to make it a beautiful addition for all who live nearby or visit.

As we do with any community member who has a concern, we extend an invitation to call our district office to get further information and clarification on anything to do with our amazing schools.

Dr. John Garcia
Superintendent, Downey Unified School District

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