Letters to the Editor - Honeymoon over?

Dear Editor:OK, the honeymoon with President Obama is over, I think, so where do we go to file for divorce? Too bad we must wait in pain and suffering for four years. Meanwhile, we are being put so deeply in debt during this time, we will be trillions of dollars in the red. We hear that 55 percent of citizens will have their taxes cut, but then we know that about 50 percent pay no income tax. Those who don't meet the standard of earnings set by the government will be paid under the earned income tax credit, which is another lie told to us by the federal government. How can you earn a tax credit when you've paid no tax? Can you believe that a majority in the Senate and the House would pass a spending bill of about $1 trillion and none have completely read this 1,500-plus page bill, but apparently as long as it benefits them, it's OK. I asked the offices of a few in Congress if they would sign a personal check and send it to me and I'd fill in the rest. (No, I haven't received one yet; I'm still waiting.) This is exactly what they're doing to us. Then we have the beloved state government who think we can get them out of their obscene spending habits by raising the sales tax 1-2.5 percent and double our car registration fee. One wonders if it pays to work. Maybe we should quit and go on government programs since it appears there is one to cover everything. Maybe it's time for a Boston Tea Party. Wonder if the children taught in our failing school system know what this is? They probably think it's a social event in D.C. Let's start by dumping the politicians, not the tea. Everyone in Congress and the President know that people don't want this ridiculous over-spending bill, but they will do it anyway. I believe the slogan at the Boston Tea Party was "No Taxation Without Representation." Well, folks, we aren't being represented. I want to know where my tax money is being spent. - Elsa Van Leuven Downey ********** Published: February 20, 2009 - Volume 7 - Issue 44

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