Lisa Kim is DHS's best

DOWNEY - As Downey High School's class of 2010 counts down the final days of school, preparations for graduation have commenced including deciding who will give speeches at the momentous event.One speech - the valedictorian's - has already been decided on, since senior Lisa Kim has officially earned the title. Just recently Kim was declared the valedictorian of this year's Downey senior class. In her four years at Downey, Kim has not only managed to keep up with her classes and do well, but has also been very involved in several clubs at school such as California State Federation, Junior Statesmen of America and Eco Club. Outside of school, she is a member of Eastern Presbyterian Church's Youth Group Choir and also led her Youth Ministry's Welcoming Committee. Some of her outstanding academic achievements include a Viking Award Statue she earned this year for English, and last year, she earned a Viking Award Statue for Biology. Kim plans on attending UCLA in the fall. She applied under biological medicine, but is still exploring and looks forward to the freedom college will provide her. "I look forward to taking hold of this freedom and truly testing my abilities and skills in making the choices that will mold my future, my successes and my failures," said Kim. "I'm still open to the various career possibilities that await me at UCLA and am currently considering the field of political science as well in order to pursue a degree in law." Although she is excited for college, she and her family will always hold Downey High School - the school from which her four sisters and one brother have previously graduated - close to their heart. "From 1997, my family has called Downey High School, our high school," said Kim. "I feel immense gratitude towards the school that has provided an education to my family over a span of a decade." In going to college to further her education, Kim also realizes that she will have to leave her comfort zone and many memories, but hopes college will be rewarding. "I am excited to embark upon a new milestone of my life but at the same time, I am wary of the unknown that awaits me outside the protective shell of Downey High School," said Kim. "But I know and am already expecting the difficulties that will undoubtedly transpire in my college career but as in all things, I hope that my experiences in college will open the doors to new adventures and memories."

********** Published: June 4, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 7

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