Lost horse finds new home

DOWNEY - A 12-year-old horse found wandering the streets of Montebello has been placed into a new home by Downey-based SEAACA (Southeast Area Animal Control Authority).Animal control officers rescued the brown-spotted horse July 18 and transported him to a local stable that houses large animals for SEAACA. Efforts to find the horse's owner were unsuccessful, but a Manhattan Beach resident came forward as a potential adopter after reading media reports of the missing horse. The resident, Rhonda Dearmond, is a former horse owner. "Stable employees quickly warmed up to her - and her visits - after they confirmed her knowledge and love for horses," said Capt. Aaron Reyes, director of operations for SEAACA. "She loved the horse immediately...sort of love at first sight." Dearmond named the horse Miller, after SEAACA Sgt. Charles Miller, who met her at the stable. Dearmond has more than 30 years experience handling horses and said she was looking for a horse to adopt when she came upon Miller. "This big fella was a little thin, but has a good spirit about him," Reyes said. "He's already fattening up and loves his new mommy."

********** Published: August 28, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 19

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