Marching Bands Represent the City of Downey at Championships

Dazzling blue, red, and gold could be seen as Warren and Downey High School marching bands competed at the annual SCSBOA championships on Saturday. This marked a historic event, because it was the first time in several years that both bands from Downey competed at the championship level.Throughout the marching season, bands are ranked continuously as they go through competitions and receive points. When Championships come around, the top twelve ranked bands in Southern California (or in SCSBOA - the Southern California School Band and Orchestra Association) in each division are chosen to compete. "We were ecstatic," said Elizabeth Rivas, a member of Downey's Marching Band. "We had a really great show this year, and we were ready to give it our all." Although Warren was a member of the 5A division, while Downey was a member of the 4A division, each band received the honor of being recognized as one of the top 12 marching bands of their division in Southern California. This year, Warren's field show was entitled "Winter Sketches," and incorporated a wintry, snowy, and frosty theme. Downey's field show was entitled "Latin Fever," and presented a Latin dance theme. But both field shows were immensely enjoyable. Downey's field show had catchy dance music with a special touch added to it this year: singers, who sang several solos and duets within the show. Warren took on a brighter flavor than previous years, and created shapes such as snowflakes on the field. Although it was Downey's first time in several years to make the championships, they entered and left with fanfare. The Vikings achieved a superb 5th placing out of all the bands in the 4A division. Warren received 8th place out of all the bands in the 5A division. "We're just thankful for a really good season," said Alexandria Contreras, a member of Warren's marching band. "We're also happy that Downey could join us at championships this year." ********** Published: January 2, 2009 - Volume 7 - Issue 37

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