Meaning of Christmas

Dear Editor:I completely agree with the letter that Ms. Van Leuven wrote regarding "Where is Christmas?" My children attended school at a time when they had lovely Christmas programs and the Jewish holidays were honored too. It was a fun and lovely time enjoyed by the parents and students. The excitement and joy was felt by all; well, maybe the teachers were relieved when it was over. If Christmas has no meaning, why do people open their hearts in the spirit of giving to many who are less fortunate? People show love and respect for each other and hearts are tender at this time of year. Isn't that why Christ came, to teach us to love not only Him, but others and the spirit of giving? I'm sorry for those who aren't able to experience this love and they don't seem to want anyone else to enjoy the beauty of this wonderful celebration of Christ's birth. As for the Downey Chamber of Commerce, I wonder how lucrative the sales would be if Christmas were done away with and we just had winter breaks - no decorations, no cards, no celebration, no winter break trees, no beautiful music. How much money would be generated under the winter break celebration? Since Ms. Van Leuven stated that she has written about this before, surely someone at the Chamber of Commerce reads the Patriot. Why haven't they responded to her? -- Betty Logan, Downey

********** Published: November 25, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 32

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