Measure O

Dear Editor: Continuously committed to improving the quality of education for each student, The Downey Unified School District (DUSD) Board of Education would like to take this opportunity to thank the Downey community.

By 60 percent of voters saying “Yes on Measure O,” our students will, in the coming years, have access to facilities that will better ensure that they are all college and career ready.

On July 15, 2014, we adopted the DUSD Strategic Master Plan and with it, a new mission and vision for the future were put into place. Our mission shares that we are committed to developing all students to be self-motivated learners and productive, responsible and compassionate members of an ever-changing global society. Our highly qualified staff foster meaningful relationships with students, parents and the community, while providing a relevant and rigorous curriculum in facilities that advance teaching and learning.

Our vision is to graduate all students with a 21st Century education that ensures that they are college and career ready, globally competitive and citizens of strong character. This vision could only be achieved with support of the voters in the communities we serve. As a direct result of your support on Nov. 4, 2014, this vision can now become a reality.

The future of Downey Unified and our students is bright; your vote has ensured that our students will have an even more promising future.

Thank you, Downey!

William Gutierrez, Tod Corrin, D. Mark Morris, Donald LaPlante, Barbara Samperi, Martha Sodetani and Nancy Swenson

DUSD Board of Education


Dear Editor:

I am so upset with the results of this election. I do not understand what is wrong with the voters and why they would approve Measure O.

I see all these big names writing in to the paper asking voters to approve Measure O, and it makes me so angry. It must be nice to have all this money to spare.

Proponents say it is a small price to pay for the education of our children, but for seniors such as myself that are on a fixed income, the tax hike is a true hardship. I can not afford all these tax hikes and I resent being demonized for voting “no” on Measure O.

I love children, and I want them to get the best education possible, but how many school bonds have we passed now? Why can’t our schools manage all the funds they have been given? I’ll tell you why, they know they can just throw another measure on the ballot to tax us for education and the voters will approve it. It is time the voters wake up and realize what they are voting on.

Also, for you renters out there, don’t think this does not affect you simply because you are not a property owner. The tax hike on property will be passed on to you by the property owner in the form of rent hikes.

I had hoped to live out the rest of my days in the small home I raised my family in, but with all these tax hikes, my future is in doubt. At the age of 86, I am not likely to be hired in order to make extra income. Measure O is just one in a string of tax hikes that have hit us and are making it harder and harder for people my age to make it. Do I pay for my prescriptions this month or will that money have to be set aside for more tax hikes?

This has to end. Please think of those of us who are not made of money the next time you go to the polls.

Rosa Bacerra




Published: Nov. 6, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 30

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