Media bias

Dear Editor:This is in response to Jeffrey East's letter regarding general circulation. (Letters to the Editor, 9/11/09) I also add my congratulations to The Downey Patriot on the change in status to a general circulation newspaper. But I hope that you'll follow a path that is neither slanted to the right nor the left. Newspapers in this country have not chosen to alienate their readers by slanting too far to the left; this has happened because most people choose to get their news from almost around the clock cable news channels and the Internet. Everyone always talks about the "liberal media"; I quite frankly am having a hard time finding it, yet I can turn on a cables news channel and practically trip over media that is slanted to the right. It's a joke to call this honest and ethical reporting. Calling Fox News Channel "fair and balanced" is a complete oxymoron. As to Mr. East's statement on honesty and ethics and his thinly veiled slap at Ted Kennedy; I have to say to you, what happened was a tragedy and it was 40 years ago. Can he ever be forgiven; obviously not in your eyes. - Helga Weiss, Downey

********** Published: September 18, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 22

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