Moon doubts

Dear Editor:Jack Russell's letter wondered why I had doubts about the moon landings. There was a space race between Russia and the United States but Russia just quit. Instead of continuing, no explanation was ever stated. Why not? A few years later, Russia and America are working together on the space station. Kind of weird, right? In 2004, a documentary was shown on KTTV Channel 11 about the hoax. Thousands of people called for a repeat, which they did. The main person who made the documentary died two months later. It was never mentioned what he died of; he looked healthy to me. India, China, Japan and America have sent satellites around the moon. All of these satellites had a telephoto lens to take a picture of the moon landers within 10-12 feet but never did. Why not? America's satellite is circling the moon as you are reading this article. But never a close-up photo of the landers. Why not? All the photos from our satellite is always 80 miles high. The photos that Neil Armstrong took was within a Hasselblad camera. The camera was not made to keep heat and cold out. On the moon, it is minus 180 degrees in the shade, 180 degrees plus in the sun. How can the film survive? It would freeze and crack at 180 degrees below zero. The best book out about the moon photos is called "Dark Moon" by Mary Bennett and David S. Percy. Mike Sandoval Downey

********** Published: August 23, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 19

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