New school year gets students talking

DOWNEY - Summertime and the days of relaxation have come to an end, and students all over Downey are clamoring with talk on the subject of going back to school."I'm really excited for my last year of high school since I have a lot going on for me," said senior Kayleigh Cook, "But I'm also nervous about filling out college applications and seeing what college I get into." The final year of high school is an exciting yet tumultuous passage into the real world. Seniors hold high expectations, and expect nothing less than an eventful, memorable year. Although there is prom and graduation to look forward to, senior year is not all fun and games, especially when pressure comes in the form of the dreaded college application deadlines. Seniors, therefore, are preparing for a momentous, exhilarating year, in both the social perspective and college admissions aspect. "I'm really concerned with my academics and sport this year," said junior Savannah Vilaubi. "Especially with college not that far ahead, I need to focus on how to get into the college that I want." Sophomores and juniors, who have become accustomed to the routine of high school have realized that these two core years of high school may determine their future and the importance on school and academic studies is greatly stressed during this time. With harder Advanced Placement and honors courses available, and more freedom in choosing one's own school agenda, sophomores and juniors truly are responsible for setting their own path into college life. In addition, with sophomore and junior year comes the notorious A.P. tests, PSATs, and SATs. "I'm actually pretty nervous about going into high school this year," said freshman Nicholas Valadez. Becoming a freshman means new crowds, harder classes, a labyrinth campus, and much more, but over time, freshmen will adapt to the high school world.

********** Published: September 4, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 20

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