Police warn of phony solicitors

DOWNEY - This notice is intended to make the public aware of a recent scheme that citizens have fallen victim to.The suspects, who often work in pairs and target the elderly, call Downey residents and solicit funds on behalf of the local police department. The caller is persistent and often makes reference to past donations the victim has made to law enforcement. Once the victim agrees to contribute, the caller informs them he will send someone to pick up the funds. Later in the day, an individual shows up at the victim's residence to collect the funds. He is dressed in civilian clothing and is not wearing any type of police identification. Although the scams and suspect descriptions differ, one theme is common. These thieves prey on those who believe they are making legitimate donations in support of the police department. Please be aware that the Downey Police Department does not solicit funds from residents via telephone or in person. If you receive a call from an individual stating they represent the police department and ask for a donation, tell them you are not interested and contact the police department. It is important to remain vigilant and always use caution when dealing with individuals who claim to represent the police department and are asking you for donations. Questions related to these types of crimes may be directed to Detective Ron Gee at (562) 904-2331 or Detective Jerry Price at (562) 904-2359.

********** Published: October 9, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 25

NewsEric Pierce