Pot holes

Dear Editor: Why is it that there are limited funds for the repair/maintenance of the city’s residential streets (“Your street, my street, several streets are beyond slurry seal,” Councilman Brossmer said), but the city has funds for the ”updates on new street signs,” according to Councilman Ashton?

Just where, and for what, did the city do with the funds that could have been spent these many decades on maintaining the residential streets of our town? On a scale of one to ten, just what priority do the streets have?

I’ve ridden my bicycle past the same holes in the asphalt for four years without anyone from the city dealing with the problem - and we’re talking about holes large enough both in breadth and depth that they will do damage to bikes and even motorcycles, yet there they are.

Drew Kelley




Published: April 30, 2015 - Volume 14 - Issue 03

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