PTA appreciates its East Middle School teachers

There are 56 teachers at East Middle School and each one brings something special to the students there. Teachers often help struggling students before and after their school day begins and ends. We have teachers who e-mail and contact parents on a regular basis so all of us can work together to help our children succeed. We have teachers who open their classroom doors early, and those who stay late.East Middle School's teachers make programs and clubs available to their students; without these teachers giving extra care and time these activities would not be possible. East Middle School teachers have an 85 percent teacher involvement in their "Guiding Knights" program. Guiding Knights is a special program unique to East. Our dedicated teachers guide and mentor one (or more) at-risk or troubled student throughout the school year. This program can have a tremendous impact on our middle school youth who are struggling with serious decisions that impact their lives. Teachers reach students by finding something good in each child and working to bring that something positive out. This act of kindness shows not only their commitment to teaching but a real sense of caring for the students. Within the East staff there are opportunities and a need for teachers to do even more than the hard work it takes to be an East Middle School teacher. The special teachers listed below do volunteer work and continue to give time to our children. Russ Arnold makes a difference in the lives of our students in the special education department. Victoria Arosteguy edits the Knights Vision newsletter which is mailed to our school families, and she volunteers to make the school's PTA directory. Robert Becker gives his time to our school's technology department and ESL. Kevin Dodge works with our ASB department, our student senate, and our puzzle club. Ron Hancock and Cindy Ekk run the scholarship club. Kelly Hauben works with the ELD students, giving a lot of her extra time. Heidi Henock runs the AVID program and gives time to our school's drama club. Lorine Hille is the GATE coordinator. Chad Im and Michael McGregory run our Builders Club. McGregory also is head of our school's science department and still gives time to our athletic programs. Andrea Keene is our very special band teacher who puts in so much time with our beginning band, intermediate band, concert band, jazz band, and she still makes time to volunteer to make choir possible for our students to have a chance to discover a love and knowledge of music. Vincent Lavalle is the activities director and PE chair. Robert Mallory makes the Chess Club possible. Wendy Marci runs the Title 1 program. Cindy Montenagro, thank you for making the Bible Club possible for our students. Tracy Parry is our math chair. Joshua Roberson, thank you for all your work with our school's yearbook. Joyce Robinson runs East's Sunshine Club. Christine Sparangis brings the Poetry Club to our students. Allyson Stella is our school's social studies chair. Juliana Sturgeon is in charge of our Running Club. A huge thank you and recognition to Sheri Martin and Coach Zap for our boot camp program and this city's one and only "Downey to New York" program. Teaching truly is a work of heart. To every East Middle School teacher: you are valuable, irreplaceable and appreciated by your students, parents, PTA and East Middle School administration. Thank you for making the students feel welcome and cared for. Thank you for empowering our young people by building developmental assets such as positive experiences, relationships, and inner strength. Thank you for showing our community ways you can and do make a difference!

********** Published: May 1, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 2

Eric Pierce