Rancho Los Amigos finishes its move into new facility

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DOWNEY — Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center has completed the move to the renovated and expanded Jacqueline Perry Institute Inpatient Facility (JPI).

Patients and staff from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and the Surgery and Medical Imaging departments have moved into the new facility from across campus, consolidating departments for more efficient patient care.

The JPI Expansion is another milestone of “Rancho Rising 2020,” a $418 million hospital consolidation project, seismic renovation and campus beautification that began in 2015.

Earlier milestones include the state-of-the-art Don Knabe Wellness and Aquatic Therapy Center, which opened in 2016 and the Outpatient Building, which opened earlier this year. The new facilities are expected to greatly enhance the quality of patient care at Rancho Los Amigos, one of the nation’s top-ranked rehabilitation facilities and ”a gem” of the Los Angeles County healthcare system.

The expansion consolidates a portion of Rancho Los Amigos’ hospital beds into a single structure. The JPI building is now directly connected to the OPB and all outpatient services. The JPI will house the ICU, along with the Surgery and Medical Imaging departments – each equipped with updated advanced rehabilitative technology that will ultimately enhance patient care and support.

“Dr. Jacqueline Perry was a pioneer for rehabilitation, and her work has been a cornerstone for Rancho Los Amigos,” said Aries Limbaga, CEO. “The JPI expansion brings her incredible contributions to the modern day. As part of Rancho Rising 2020 project, we are excited for what the future holds for our patients, staff, and the future of rehabilitation medicine”.

Rancho Los Amigos is one of four Los Angeles County Department of Health Services hospitals, and the only one that provides specialized care for persons with disabilities.

The JPI inpatient facility is named for Dr. Jacquelin Perry, a world leader in rehabilitative care, particularly the treatment of post-polio syndrome. She founded Rancho’s Pathokinesiology Laboratory in 1968 to analyze the biomechanics of walking and served as the chief of the department until 1996.

In the spirit of Rancho Los Amigos’ broader pioneering reputation, Dr. Perry blazed trails in rehabilitative patient care.

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