Rescued puppies need new home

PARAMOUNT - Animal control officers from the Southeast Area Animal Control Authority (SEAACA) rescued six 3-week old puppies from a storm drain in Paramount and now are looking for potential adopters.According to SEAACA, a passerby heard the cries of puppies echoing through a storm drain near Downey and Rosecrans avenues and called animal control. "Our officers arrived a short time later and were able to locate the pups in the pipe," said Capt. Aaron Reyes, director of operations for SEAACA. "Ironically, another SEAACA animal control officer who heard the call over the radio remembered rescuing a stray female dog a day earlier, and noted that she appeared to be a nursing mom." The puppies were taken to SEAACA headquarters in Downey where they were given a warm bath and introduced to the anxious mother dog. "She seemed overjoyed and gathered them up like any good mother would do," said Cpl. Alvaro Torres, one of the rescuing officers. "They were hungry and all gathered for some feeding and snuggle time moments after being reunited." The mother dog has no ID tag or microchip and is being held as a stray with the pups. "We'd like to adopt or foster out the entire family together, so we're looking for qualified takers," Reyes said. "It's always easy to place puppies, but these little ones are too young to be away from their mother. We don't want mom to be forgotten either when the pups are old enough to be adopted in a few short weeks." Anyone interested in adopting the dogs or serving as foster parents should call SEAACA's adoption manager at (562) 803-3301, ext. 240.

********** Published: October 9, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 25

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