Residents of The View apartments throw barbecue for police officers, firefighters

Photo by Valerie Aguilar

Photo by Valerie Aguilar

DOWNEY -- The city of Downey undoubtedly has hard-working and dedicated individuals working day and night to protect our citizens-- teams like our fire rescue and police force.

There is no way to completely thank them for all they sacrifice to keep this community safe and secure, but there are ways to show our appreciation.

The residents of the Downey View Apartments, located in downtown Downey, decided to show their love and support for the city’s first responders by cooking a huge homemade meal on Wednesday, Aug. 23, for the Downey Police and Fire Departments. 


Nearly all of the 50 tenants from Downey View contributed with a dish or two of their own signature recipes. Some residents even began prepping in the early hours of dawn or the night before to get the meals to mouthwatering perfection.

The feast consisted of marinated and barbequed chicken, corn on the cob, baked beans, and steamed vegetables, just to name a few of the platters. 

“The smiles and cheers of excitement on the faces of our very own police and fire squads upon seeing the meal made especially for them were priceless,” according to residents who brought food to the stations.

Residents stayed a while afterwards to personally meet the men and women who strive to protect Downey everyday. Not only were the residents thanking the first responders for their service, they were also forming bonds and creating relations with them.

This special delivery was made possible by the building’s Community Manager, Maurice Patterson, who organized it with the help of others from the National Community Renaissance and Hope Through Housing Foundation.

The Downey View residents felt like giving back in some way. “It’s the least we could do,” Patterson commented.

To the unwavering men and women committed to supporting the city of Downey with your service: thank you. Your courage, bravery, and compassion keep this city strong and in high spirits.

Our gratitude and appreciation go out to you sincerely. 

Photo by Valerie Aguilar

Photo by Valerie Aguilar

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