Return of Military Keynesianism

Dear Editor:I'm happy to see that you've had some good discussion these past few weeks in the paper; it's nice to see people involved. However, it's unfortunate to witness the abuse and misapplication of political economic terminology that Ms. Van Leuven indulged in through inaccurate reference to socialism ("Rotten Inheritance," 6/12/09). I've found that few American rightists are familiar with the legitimate definition of socialism (the public ownership and management of the means of production), which leaves us with tiresome and repetitive moaning about the state capitalism of the USSR, or worse, governmental programs which have the effect of bringing about macroeconomic stabilization within capitalism, thus constituting a conflict with socialism. However, as a libertarian socialist myself, I'm fully content to witness the triumph of Ms. Van Leuven's favored rightist Anglo-Saxon capitalism. Unlike liberal democratic and social democratic capitalism, it lacks the ability to maintain long-term stability or sustain the physical efficiency of the working class. Thus, the rightist ironically becomes the ally of the socialist, since it is the rightist's preferred ideology that will result in greater destabilization of capitalism. So let's all gladly tip a jug of Patron to a return of Ronnie and Military Keynesianism or the Iron Lady and her various economic crises. -Julian Gutierrez, Downey

********** Published: June 19, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 9

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