Saving America

Dear Editor:I feel there were some important sentences omitted from my Letter to the Editor of May 14 that I think our population should read. First and foremost is the sentence you never hear on any TV or radio media, or see in any newspaper in America: A nation that cannot protect its borders from domestic intrusion cannot ever hope to protect them from foreign terrorism or invasion. That is the God's truth as I see it. It should be on the front covers of every American History book. Mexico does not allow illegal immigration into their country. Why then should we allow illegal immigration into the USA? In Mexico, it is a felony - subject to two years imprisonment, a heavy monetary fine and inhumane treatment - plus immediate deportation. We should not be Uncle Sap in solving Mexico's economic, employment, overpopulation, drug trade, corruption and poverty problems. They have resources to do so and importing poverty is a sure way to bankrupt America. Ninety percent of illegal invaders are Hispanic. What's so hard to identify them? Coyotes aren't hauling blue-eyed blond Europeans across the borders. Racial profiling is just a lame excuse. Politicians, mostly Democrats, are willing to let our America be so taken in a sellout for the votes of these invaders who they want to make citizens real quick, just to keep themselves in office forever. A low breed, willing to sell off your country. They gave a standing ovation to Mexico's president for lambasting Arizona's new law recently. It's wrong to turn the USA into what Mexico is now. Change Mexico - not America. - Joe Cvetko, Bellflower

********** Published: June 4, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 7

OpinionEric Pierce