Sex education

Dear Editor:I don't know where Ms. Lares is getting her information on sex and contraceptives, but someone has failed her and those girls who get pregnant at younger ages. ("Teen Pregnancy," 12/18/09) She is correct when she states that there is a lack of parental guidance, or good parental guidance wasn't heeded. However, I don't think the answer is being open to more communication regarding condom use. Please consider that anything that is given away for nothing has little value. Young girls think the boy loves them and they must submit or they won't be loved. The truth is if they really loved you and respected you, they wouldn't ask you for sex until you're married. The fact is that they don't love you and once you're pregnant, they'll walk away. Perhaps we should do a survey and ask the girls who have gotten pregnant how many boys stood by them when they were pregnant. How many go to the delivery room when the baby is being born? How many marry the girl and get a job to support them? How loved do they feel now? Handing out condoms is like saying, "Don't have sex, but if you do, use a condom." Consider what terrible advice you have been given. Schools have educated about the possibility of pregnancy. Certainly they should educate about STDs, but have they educated that it is morally wrong? Have they taught you that you are valuable and not cheap? Have they taught you that raising a child is not glamorous or easy and without a husband that loves you, it can be a difficult and unhappy experience for both mother and child? Being a parent is the most important thing in your life, yet little quality education is given in this area and lives are changed forever. Good counseling is not given as to the consequences that dramatically effect lives. Condoms are not the answer. Abstinence until marriage is. Don't sell yourself cheaply. Check out the lives of girls who have had a child out of wedlock. Check out the lives of those who have an STD and are careless enough to pass it on. If you don't have to go through this, you will be glad. I realize that our social structure is going downhill fast and few, if any, will heed this advice, but the few who don't heed it will look back and wish they had. Girls, your life is valuable, consider it so. - Elsa Van Leuven, Downey

********** Published: January 15, 2010 - Volume 8 - Issue 39

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