Sheriff's cruiser to add license plate reader

NORWALK - The city of Norwalk will use a federal grant to equip a Sheriff's cruiser with an automated license plate recognition system, capable of locating wanted vehicles while on routine patrol.The recognition system automatically scans the license plates of vehicles it passes on the street. The plates are matched against a law enforcement database of vehicles sought after by police, such as stolen cars or vehicles suspected to have been used in a crime. The system alerts the deputy when there is a match or partial match. The U.S. Department of Justice awarded Norwalk a $36,435 grant to purchase and install the equipment. Joshua Yordt, a management analyst for Norwalk, told council members the Sheriff's cruiser will be strictly dedicated to the city of Norwalk. The Norwalk Sheriff's Station already operates a cruiser equipped with license plate recognition but it's on loan from L.A. County.

********** Published: August 23, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 19

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