South Downey car wash to expand

DOWNEY − A south Downey car wash is remodeling its exterior and installing 12 outdoor, self-service vacuums this year after the city planning commission agreed the renovation would not cause undue noise impacts on adjacent residences. Sultan Car Wash, located at 8845 Imperial Highway, includes a 2,817-sq.-ft. facility with a car wash tunnel and 12 parking spaces that are surrounded by commercial buildings and residential homes.

In addition to vacuums, each parking stall will soon feature an overhead arch cover. Sultan plans to modify its mechanical room and building façade while upgrading the on-site drainage in the parking lot.

The 17,300-sq.-ft. parcel, which Downey officials first permitted as a car wash 27 years ago, is also getting a central vacuum producer that will power hoses at airflow rates up to 506 cubic feet per minute.

In order to reduce any potential noise generating from the machine, the owners agreed to build a concrete block enclosure around the vacuum producer. While the closest residences live 180 feet to the north, city staff were initially concerned about noise impacts.

However, in the staff report from April 1, city officials ensure nearby buildings and the vacuum enclosure will sufficiently mitigate any noise from the added equipment.

“The proposed improvements at the subject site can provide a benefit to those who live and work in the area, without creating significant adverse impacts to the area,” said assistant city planner Kevin Nguyen.



Published: April 23, 2015 - Volume 14 - Issue 02

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