Teacher at Arc earns WHO Award

DOWNEY - Donna Lindley-Hoskins has been selected to receive the WHO Award from the Downey Education Association.The WHO (We Honor Ours) Award is given to a colleague "in recognition of their outstanding contributions to education, their involvement in the community as well as their dedicated and active participation in their local teachers' organizations." Lindley-Hoskins has worked at Downey Adult School since 1976, beginning as a children's aide. When she received her teaching credential two years after, she was assigned to a classroom at Arc to teach people with intellectual disabilities. "Donna has dedicated her life to improving the lives of people with intellectual disabilities. She continues to seek ongoing education and new ways to meet their needs and encourage their individual development," a press release announcing the award says. Lindley-Hoskins recently completed a 12-weekend course for special education advocacy training through the National Special Education Advocacy Institute. She said working with Arc has proved her the opportunity "to serve others in countless and sometimes unusual ways." "Teaching someone something that will make their life better and watching them use that skill daily from that point on is incredibly rewarding," she said. Over the years, Lindley-Hoskins said she witnessed numerous changes to the services provided to people with special needs. Two years ago, she represented Arc on a trip to China. The experience reminded her "just how far we have come in making a difference in the lives of others, and also how much further we need to go to overcome some of the barriers people with special needs and their family members face." Lindley-Hoskins holds a Bachelor's degree in Vocational Arts from Cal State Long Beach. She is a member of the DEA Board of Directors - Special Segment No. 6, as well as a member of the Bargaining Committee and Scholarship Committee. She also serves as treasurer of the Lakewood Christian Schools Parent Teacher Fellowship. "It is her love of people and her vision that has brought the adult special classes programs at Arc to new heights in educational and vocational opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities," the press release said.

********** Published: June 17, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 9

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