'Thank you' notes from AVID students

DOWNEY - Downey Unified School District School Board members Martha Sodetani and Donald LaPlante spoke to Griffiths Middle School 7th and 8th grade Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID) students on Dec. 5.The elective class focuses on motivating at-risk children to succeed academically through guest speakers and special projects. The 8th grade AVID students wrote 'thank you' notes to the school board members for talking to them about their careers and the importance of an education. "Dear Mrs. Sodetani, "You had a great presentation and everyone liked you. Maybe one day you can come back again…I just wanted to ask you if you get tired of kids." - Manuel Cuellar "Thank you for coming to our classroom to be our guest speaker, and for telling us how all the hard work that we do in middle school will pay off when we go to college." - Justine Zapata "The thing that you said that got my attention was that 100 percent of kids in AVID go to a four-year college. Another thing you said that really got me to think was to leave a lot of options for myself so I don't get stuck on a dead end street." - Eric Flores "I would hate to be a part of the school district, but I guess someone has to figure out what our school has to do about our school budget…" - Leilani Miyadi "Your talk has motivated me to stay in AVID as long as I can…P.S. I was the one in the front with the glasses." - Celeste Moreira "I found it interesting when you told us about how you adopted many children. It takes a good person to give someone a home and love." - Yesenia Barrera "Dear Mr. LaPlante, "I thought it was interesting that you teach 8th grade. It must be hard having two jobs and both with children." - Michael Gaitan "I really enjoyed you coming to AVID and telling us about yourself and that you are a USC fan because so am I - USC beat the Bruins." - Rebecca Gonzalez "I think it is true that USC is the best, and the game was a good game on Saturday. Wow. The score was 28-7. Did you tail gate? Have you seen The Downey Patriot?" - Celeste Moreira "I want to thank you for coming and making me laugh." - Katherine DePaz "The thing you said that inspired me was your pride for the college you attended - USC. This inspires me because when I leave college, I want to leave with my head up high and very happy that I had what it took to attend college." - Eric Flores "It is amazing how the board does so many things to every elementary, middle, and high school in Downey. Don't you ever get frustrated from all that work? I know I would." - Manuel Cuellar "I enjoyed your talk about college - great advice. Well, thank you for sharing your time with AVID, and sorry - I love UCLA." - Celinna Montano "I never knew that you guys were the ones that make all the rules for the entire district. That's so cool and interesting." - Lauren Cisneros "Why do you like USC? UCLA all the way." - Julia Molinaro "I have always wondered what the people of the school board did all day…I finally know, so thank you for that. Your dedication towards children is really inspiring, and I will always remember becoming a school board member as an option." - Leilani Miyadi ********** Published: January 23, 2009 - Volume 7 - Issue 40

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