Dear Editor: This year is the 50th anniversary of my husband Audie’s and my first (official) date. We ended the evening at the original Taco Bell on Firestone in Downey. I hope at least some part of it can be saved, in memory of a piece of Downey history, and the personal memories of Bell burgers, outdoor fire pits and young love.

That same wonderful man and I celebrated our 49th wedding anniversary exactly a week before my stroke. He has been by my side every day, working to make sure I got the best of care. I want to thank not only him, but my son, daughters, grandchildren, and all my beloved siblings and relatives by birth and marriage for their prayers, encouragement and everyday physical care. They have been God’s grace to me lived out through their love. I know many others have prayed for me–whoever you are, thank you. God used those prayers to get me through some hard times, when I felt so helpless, my own prayers were inarticulate.

I also thank staff at Downey Hospital and Downey Care Center who gave me tender and gracious care.

I am slowly learning to be grateful for all the tiny things I once took for granted–taking a few steps from a bed, for example. I hope that this experience is teaching me thankfulness if nothing else. We get worked up about many things–sometimes we need to, yet there is a bottom line. We are blessed every day in so many ways. As we approach Memorial Day, we have much to remember and much for which to give thanks.

Glory Derryberry




Published: May 21, 2015 - Volume 14 - Issue 06

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