The Hospital Gown

hospital gown.jpg

I know this gown

I’ve been in it plenty of times

I feel sorry for it

It’s always being tossed around

And It lacks zest

It’s just dull lookin’

Each time I’ve been in it, I always feel a draft

From behind

It’s frustrating trying to keep it in its place

Even though there are strings to tie, your back and behind are still exposed

I always put it on the wrong way, intentionally…

Then I’m told I’m not wearing it correctly

What is the purpose?

Then after going through the trouble of tying it,

Then its time to untie it

That’s even more frustrating

It’s like trying to scratch your back

Then it must be discarded in a laundry bin

But in a way, it can be bitter-sweet

It somehow kept me warm

But then I can hardly wait to get rid of it!

I will never, ever understand the hospital gown

Yolanda Reyna is a member of the writing class offered through the Cerritos College Adult Education Program. It is held off-campus at the Norwalk Senior Center.

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