Trust in public figures

Dear Editor:I must congratulate you for how much important content you got into so few lines in your recent article ("No Trust," 5/8/09). For all too long we have as a nation excused wrongdoing and we have made excuses for those who have strayed from an honorable course. Whether it be Freddy Mac, the SEC, a person in the Congress or some major bank who has manipulated accounts for their own gain, we generally have managed to excuse their acts and now when the whole of our financial world is near collapse we continue on as if nothing much has happened. I want to thank you for personally saying, "Enough is enough!" Personally, I'd like to see more of the public expressing and living your beliefs. While it is a tad late the ship can still be saved with true effort to get it on a better course! Possibly the youth of our nation can see they have been led down a road to near certain destruction if we continue to make excuses for dishonorable conduct. Fact is Manny is just the tip of the iceberg! - Richard B. Pridham, Downey Dear Editor: There is much to contest about your opening statements, Mr. Pierce: "Nothing in life seems real these days." Whoa, my journalistic friend, when have children the need to simply look up to athletes? OK, Manny and Kobe cheated. But did a real local hero (name any tenured Downey teacher or police office worth his/her salt here) get mentioned? The obvious point is to plan on who you trust. Athletes are obviously a bad bet. Take your local doctor, nurse, teacher, social worker, or any other community resource provider you can name. These people are the real deal. How about focusing on them for once! You will feel being a fan an easier and more enjoyable task, dear Downey Patriot editorialist! - Ruth Resendez, Downey

********** Published: May 15, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 4

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