What makes me happy

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There are many events and things that make me happy.

Now that I’m almost 83, I love to see, talk, or be with my family. I love to get up a with a lot of sunshine, have my coffee early in the morning with my lovely little Honey and Lucas, my miniature Yorkie’s, and two cats, Birthday and Peanut. They all greet me with love and adoration, I love them all.

It also makes me happy to see all or even a few of my flowers greeting me. They’re so pretty and full of life. I guess I like the mornings the best.

I also like to play bridge with my friends, have lunch and be with them, go to my writing classes, be among a bunch of nice people, and work on my memoirs I like to write and finish before it’s too late!

I love to see my daughter coming home from work. She brings her little Yorky Lucas before she goes to work and picks him up after work. We often watch a program on TV, have dinner, and just talk some. She often takes me out to eat at various restaurants. It really makes me happy if I can ride with her to family and/or other parties or outings. She lives the closest to me, she is always kind, but doesn’t always agrees with me which is OK, too.

I also love to be with my son’s family, I love his children and they love me too. I’m also happy when I see Beatrix, my other daughter — she helps me with my computer. I really appreciate that, she’s patient and doesn’t get frustrated with me. And of course I love to be with all my other family.

I love to go to places, see my faraway family. Explore their surroundings. Go on cruises, even though I feel that I’m getting too old for that now. I’ve been on many cruises and have traveled to many other countries. I would still go with a loving member or, if I had an older friend or friends, but it has to be on a slower pace.

Maria Zeeman is a member of the writing class offered through the Cerritos College Adult Education Program. It is held off-campus at the Norwalk Senior Center.

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