What will you do during winter break?

DOWNEY - Many students spend that long fall stretch from September to December working hard in school and minimizing their social activity, all awaiting that precious winter vacation that is looming around the corner.High school students focus on so much throughout their school careers, be it sports, band, cheerleading, grades or complex combinations of all of the above. With all of this hard work that's nearly year-round, the much anticipated winter break is a time for students to wind down and take much-needed time for themselves. "To be honest, I use winter break as more of a time to relax and hang out with friends, and just spend quality time with the ones that I love," said Downey High School student Riza Karnadi. "Since I am usually always studying when there is school, I find winter break to be a time to enjoy myself a little - and Downey has many places where I can do just that." The response was unanimous among the students that were asked: winter break is a time to relax - but what is there to do? Downey is full of acitivities for students looking for something social and fun to do over their break from school, and many students had similar things in mind. "Going to the Krikorian movie theater on a rainy day with friends is always fun," said Downey High School student Jacqueline Ackerman. "I also like to go shopping at the Stonewood mall, or hang out with my friends at the Downey Landing." Karnadi also enjoys some of these places, but also frequents some other locations that some students may overlook. "My favorite places to go to over winter break in Downey would include: The Stonewood mall, Krikorian, Target (in Norwalk) and definitely the new Porto's Bakery & Café," said Karnadi. "Winter break would be the most convenient time to go shopping, watch movies with a couple of friends, eat great foods and go to all my favorite places." The new Porto's has delicious food and a wonderful atmosphere to gather with friends, and Target has many gift ideas and holiday sales that are ideal for shopping with or for your friends. While all of these activities are great ideas, some students enjoy spending their winter break doing other things. "While winter break is definitely a time to relax, I spend every morning at Downey High School during my break practicing for track," said Downey High School student Kimberly Arias. "It's my favorite place to be." Whether you enjoy spending your winter break socializing and going out, or staying home and relaxing, Downey has many places for students to unwind during those two celebrated weeks. Whether it's Downey Landing, Stonewood Center or trying something new like Porto's, students everywhere agree that winter break is a time for fun. "No homework. Loads of food. I love everything about winter vacation," said Arias.

********** Published: December 16, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 35

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