Woman cannot keep her pot belly pig

NORWALK - A Norwalk woman will have to give up her potbellied pig after the Planning Commission sided with code enforcement, which said the animal went against city code.Diana Daigrepont, who says she is disabled, picked up the potbellied pig -- named Winnie -- while in Northern California. She said the pig provides her company and is well-behaved. Neighbors, however, complained about the animal which prompted a visit from code enforcement. According to city law, pigs are only allowed in homes zoned as horse properties. These types of homes are located along the San Gabriel River. Daigrepont lives at 12707 Dalwood Ave. In addition to the pig, Daigrepont also has two dogs. Daigrepont appealed code enforcement's demand to get rid of the animal to the Planning Commission but was rejected. "Potbellied pigs had been previously popularized as a pet, and could very well become popular again," city planners wrote in a report recommending denial of the appeal. "Since approval in this particular circumstance could serve as precedent, staff also considered the submittal of other similar applications. With each application, staff will not be able to verify the eventual size of the particular pig specimen at full growth." Daigrepont had pleaded her case in a letter to city planning manager Bing Hyun. "Winnie is not loud. the dogs in my neighborhood are a lot louder than she could ever be," Daigrepont wrote. "She is spayed. She just turned two on Sept. 4. She is full gorwn (at) about 60 pounds. I keep her very clean and clean up after her. "I am not getting anymore pigs. I just want to be able to keep this one. She is my baby. I have no children. My child died. My mom recently passed away."

********** Published: October 11, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 26

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