Wow! There's no water in the city!

DOWNEY -- Andres Gomez, a student at Maude Price Elementary, was awarded first place by the Downey Council PTA last week for his story, "Wow! There is No Water in the City!" His story appears below, unedited:It all started on Friday morning. Our neighbor call my mom to tell her the news about the water. It was contaminated! I started to get ready to go to school. But wait a minute, I could not wash my face or my teeth, the water was dirty. My mom gave me a bottle of water to drink at the school, I did not want to take it, after all, we always have water at the school. I was wrong, the drinking fountains were close. It started to look suspicious, but all I could think about was my swimming class. It was a very hot day, and I wanted to swim in the pool. When we went to the class the pool was close because of the water problem. I felt very sad about it. To make me feel better my dad invited me for dinner to my favorite restaurant. Guess what? It was close. I could not believe it. We drove around and all the restaurants were close. Not just we did not have water in the city, but also we did not have any restaurants. How could this happen? In the next couple of days everything felt very dry. I really miss taking long fresh showers, also washing my teeth and playing with the water hsoe in the garden. I learn to wash my teeth with just a cup of water, also I can clean my hand and face with a little more water. I learned to appreciate the water we have. Finally we got a call, the water was safe to use. Wow! ********** Published: March 13, 2009 - Volume 7 - Issue 47

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