Yard sale for good cause

Dear Editor:Tomorrow, May 9, my family will be holding a lemonade stand and yard sale to benefit the Arthritis Foundation. Twenty percent of Americans have some form of arthritis. We are raising money so that one day there will be a cure for this painful disease that also strikes children. My daughter has Pauciarticular Juvenile Arthritis. She has had it since she was 3 years old; she is now 10. Did you also know that more children have arthritis than muscular dystrophy, juvenile diabetes, cystic fibrosis and cerebral palsy combined? Please help us get the word out that kids get arthritis too. The yard sale and lemonade stand will be at 9345 Hasty Avenue, in Downey. We are north of Gallatin Road. One hundred percent of the proceeds are going to the Arthritis Foundation. - The Minnig Family, Downey

********** Published: May 8, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 3

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