'Year of the Flood' makes you think

Published last September, Margaret Atwood's latest dystopian novel "Year of the Flood" takes place in the future years before and a few days after a "waterless flood" wipes nearly everyone off the face of the Earth.The novel, taking place in the unknown Year 25 (we do not find out when the years start over, just that the story takes place in the future), discusses such controversial topics as conservancy, genetic mutations and engineering, and religion through the eyes of the two main characters, Ren and Toby. Ren, introduced as a trapeze dancer at a high-end club, and Toby, a worker in a spa, take turns narrating the novel while they are with a religious sect called God's Gardeners, with which they seek a haven, and after they leave after a few unfortunate events and live like "normal" people among previous mortal enemies. God's Gardeners - a religious sect dedicated to preserving and honoring all plant and animal life - and their leader Adam One, lead a seemingly peaceful environmental movement in a world controlled and monitored by the evil CorpSeCorps Corporations who claim to protect the people all while secretly murdering people and messing with nature by creating pigs with brain tissue and lion/lamb creatures. After living outside of the sect in the world of the CorpSeCorps, both characters manage to survive a plague rampant without pattern in the entire world that kills everyone in their sight. Readers of Margaret Atwood's previous novel "Oryx and Crake" will notice that many of the characters, setting, and plot elements of "Year of the Flood" are the same and compliment each other. In fact, they take place at the same time. "Year of the Flood," with Margaret Atwood's simple yet witty style of writing, will make you laugh out loud at times but also make you ponder about a crazy world that could become reality.

********** Published: February 5, 2010 - Volume 8 - Issue 42

NewsEric Pierce