NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that sealed bids will be received at the office of the City Clerk of the City of Downey until 11:00 AM on Thursday, August 29, 2019 which hour the proposed bids will be publicly opened and read in the City Hall at 11111 Brookshire Ave, Downey, California for Capital Improvement Project No. 19-11 – Annual Miscellaneous Concrete Construction, Repair and ADA Improvements Project, Council District 4.

The work to be performed under this Contract generally consists of construction and repair of miscellaneous concrete improvements at various locations. This includes removal and reconstruction of PCC curb, gutter, sidewalk, driveways, and curb ramps; construction of PCC sidewalk; removal and reconstruction of AC paveouts; clearing, grading, excavation, and tree root removals; backfilling, re-grading, restoration of parkways and areas disturbed by the construction; reseeding and/or planting sod turf, and all appurtenant work thereto necessary for the proper construction of the contemplated improvements in accordance with Plans and Specifications entitled Capital Improvement Project No. 19-11.

Plans and Specifications for this project are on file in the office of the City Cashier at 11111 Brookshire Ave., Downey, California, where they may be examined and copies obtained at a cost of $25.00 per set. The cost of said Plans and Specifications is non-refundable and purchased Plans and Specifications need not be returned. Plans and Specifications may be mailed for an additional charge of $20 via On-Trac Overnight courier.

BIDS MUST BE MADE ON THE PROPOSAL FORM INCLUDED IN THE PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS FOR CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT PROJECT NO. 19-11. Each bid shall be accompanied by cash, a certified or cashier’s check or by a corporate surety bond issued by a surety company, admitted to do business in the State of California, on the form furnished by the City as guarantee that bidder will, if an award is made to him in accordance with the terms of his bid, promptly secure Workers’ Compensation insurance, and liability insurance, execute a contract in the required form, and furnish satisfactory bonds for the faithful performance of the Contract (“Performance Bond”) and for the payment of claims of materialmen and laborers thereunder (“Payment Bond”). Said cash, check or bidder’s bond shall be in an amount of not less than ten percent (10%) of the amount of the bid. The Performance and Payment Bonds shall be not less than one hundred percent (100%) of the total amount of the bid price named in the contract. Only bonds issued by companies admitted to do business in the State of California will be accepted in accordance with the Code of Civil Procedure Section 995.311. Failure to submit acceptable Payment and Performance Bonds as required shall result in a rejection of the bid and a forfeiture of the proposal guarantee.

The Contractor shall abide by the provisions of the California Labor Code § 1770-1781, et seq. In accordance with the provisions of the California Labor Code § 1773, the general prevailing rates of per diem wages and holiday and overtime work in the locality in which the work is to be performed has been obtained from the Director of the Department of Industrial Relations, a copy of which is on file in the office of the City Clerk of the City of Downey and will be made available to any interested party upon request. The Contractor shall post a copy of the prevailing rate of per diem wages at the job site. The Contractor, and any Subcontractor under him, shall pay not less than the specified prevailing rates of wages to all workers employed in the execution of the contract.

All projects require the successful bidder to possess a valid State of California Contractor’s License at the time of Contract Award, in accordance with Section 20103.5 of the Public Contract Code. Pursuant to Section 3300 of the Public Contract Code, the City has determined that the Contractor to whom the subject contract is awarded shall possess a valid State of California Contractor’s License in the Classification of A, “General Engineering Contractor” or C-08, “Concrete Contractor”.

In accordance with California Labor Code Section 1771.1, no Contractor or Subcontractor shall be qualified to (a) bid on or be listed in a bid proposal on or after March 1, 2015, or (b) engage in the performance of this Work after April 1, 2015, unless registered and qualified to perform the Work pursuant to Labor Code Section 1725.5.

Contractor’s performance of the Work described in this Notice Inviting Bids is subject to compliance monitoring and enforcement by the California Department of Industrial Relations.

Each Contractor submitting a proposal or bid for his work shall complete and submit with the proposal all of the forms included therein, including the Bidder’s Qualifications Statement, Designation of Subcontractors, the Non-Collusion Affidavit, the Pre-Bid Site Inspection Certification and the Signature Page. Failure to include any of these documents with the proposal may disqualify the proposal.

The City of Downey reserves the right, after opening bids, to reject any or all bids, to waive any informality in any bid received, and to be the sole judge of the merits of the respective bids received. The award of the Contract, if it is awarded, will be to the lowest responsible Bidder whose bid complies with all the requirements prescribed.

Pursuant to California Public Contract Code § 22300, the Contractor at his sole cost and expense, may substitute authorized securities for any monies withheld by the City to ensure performance under the Contract.

All requests for information (RFI) shall be in written form and shall be directed to:

Mr. Desi Gutierrez, Principal Engineer


Tel: (562) 904-7110

Fax: (562) 904-7296

No inquiries will be accepted later than five (5) business days prior to the bid opening date as this would not allow time to respond to all plan holders. Phone inquiries will not be accepted.



Maria Alicia Duarte, CMC

City Clerk

The Downey Patriot

8/8/19, 8/15/19

Jonathan Fox