Lynwood upgrades traffic signals

LYNWOOD - The upgrading of all the traffic signals along Atlantic Avenue-from as south as Arlington Avenue to the most northern traffic signal at Abbott Road-has begun.The city says the Atlantic Avenue Traffic Signal Improvement Project is going to change the experience of driving experience of everyone who drives through the city of Lynwood. The upgrades include new electrical wire, new modern traffic signal poles, replacement of traffic signal lights to 12-inch LED, installing traffic detectors and ADA upgrades. When completed, the upgrade will allow the city to properly synchronize each and every traffic signal along Atlantic Avenue to improve traffic flow, say city officials. In addition, the signals at Bullis Road and Imperial Highway and on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Wright Road will also be upgraded. Once all of these traffic signals are upgraded the city will begin looking into upgrading all of the traffic signals along Imperial Highway and on along the entirety of Long Beach Boulevard within the city. "Some of these traffic signals are 60 to 70 years old," said Josef Kekula, interim director of public works. "The city has spent a lot of time and hours maintaining them and fixing them. As the city spends a lot of man-hours on fixing the shorts at these lights, a lot of time and maintenance and fixing them, this upgrade will shorten the time spent on fixing them all the time. This upgrade will help standardize and modernize everything in the traffic signal and improve traffic flow." "All of the lights will be upgraded with detectors as well," he added. "Once we're done with all the signals, drivers will notice how much more efficient traffic is going to flow throughout the entire city."

********** Published: February 14, 2013 - Volume 11 - Issue 44

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