Rancho patients star in performing arts show

DOWNEY - After six months of hard work, nearly 40 Rancho graduate patients will combine for a six-hour summer festival entitled "Rancho-Motion" next Friday, June 7 that will include a craft fair and a full Performing Arts show. Admission for the event is free to the public. "Our Summer Festival will be awesome!" exclaimed Performing Arts of Rancho Director and Rancho graduate patient Jay Cramer. "We'll have tasty food trucks, a dazzling array of crafts made with love by Rancho patients, a music concert and showcase, a comedy show and even a variety show. Start your summer off right with us!"

The event will take place at Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center's Jacquelin Perry Institute Back Lot at 7601 E. Imperial Highway in Downey. The Arts & Crafts of Rancho will open the festivities at 2 p.m. and the Performing Arts of Rancho show will start at 5 p.m.

Sponsors include the Rancho Los Amigos Foundation, The Amigos Fund and Rancho Occupational Therapy. "We are also very grateful to Los Angeles County Fourth District Supervisor and our steadfast supporter Don Knabe, who is providing us with first-class audio for the show," Jay said.

Amazingly, Rancho graduate patients Omoze Osagiede, Annette Revilla, Josefina Guevara, Elisa Vasquez and Lydia Chavez will start the day by showing their crafting talents, then switch gears to perform in the "Rancho-Motion" show.

"This is just one example of how much ability our multi-talented patients have," Jay said. "This 'fab five' is a very important part of both Rancho's crafters and performing artists. We are very proud of them and the extra effort they have made to participate in both parts of this event."

"I'm very pleased with the outstanding work our Arts & Crafts of Rancho members have done since our last craft show during the holidays in 2012," added Rancho Director of Volunteer Services Debbie Tomlinson. "They have created hundreds of beautiful and fun items for the public to enjoy."

Individuals and teams appearing in the craft show that will offer their work for sale include George Ridenour, Michael Seale, teams from Rancho Works, the Rancho Restorative Garden, the Wellness Center Crafters and about a dozen others. "You will be able to buy special Performing Arts DVDs and T-shirts as well," Jay said. Among the more than 20 artists participating in the show will be four who will be making their Performing Arts of Rancho debuts:

* Marcus "Quotes" Garcia, who is recovering from a stroke. "I love Rancho, because I get such a positive vibe every time I go there," he said.

* Matthew "Concept" Carricom, who will rap a tune called "L.I.F.E." with Marcus.

* Robert Jones, who came to Rancho with a severely pinched nerve a year and a half ago and will be performing "Did You Know?'

* Rancho inpatient Curtis Williams, who will share his poetry with the audience.

The "Rancho-Motion show will be hosted by Tom Ayers. The visually impaired trio "Outtasight" will sing a capella, while mariachis will accompany Hector "Juice" Duron and "Momma" Duron in "Amor de Los Dos". Inspirational saxophone player Jerry Cavazos will do a solo, while there will also be a magic show from "Magic Mike" and a special performance of "Tango Un Amor" by the Rancho Dancers.

Perennial favorite Francisco Jimenez will be dancing to "Bailando Potpourri", and noted Rancho fine artist Jesus Velasco will sing "The Gambler". Others who will be doing their best to thrill the crowd include Otis Albert, Robert Smith, Robert Jones, Cain Gallegos and Louis Rosa. The charming Paige Looney will be part of the "Paige and Aaliyah" team on Taylor Swift's "We are Never EVER Getting Back Together" and the ever-popular Charles Whitehead will be singing "Cool".

And of course, the Company will sing "The Loco-Motion".

"If you want to have a great Friday experience, this event is for you," Jay said. "Our crafters and performing artists have never worked harder, and I know that everyone who comes will have a wonderful time."

"We want everyone in the Greater Downey area to know we would love to see you at this most special event," he said. "So come on, come on and do the Rancho-Motion with me!"

********** Published: May 30, 2013 - Volume 12 - Issue 07

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