The Beatles

Dear Editor: My recent letter was not intended to attack libraries or accuse the Beatles of advertently promulgating drug use or murdering teachers.

Like many other bands, someone offered the Beatles substances which would “lift” them above their physical/mental exhaustion, so that they could keep working. Unfortunately, it seems, the substances may have affected their judgment centers causing them to write some songs which married messages extolling mind-altering chemicals.

This brings to mind the Trojan horse, and even certain fruits whose pits carry toxic chemicals: on the outside, the Trojan horse and the fruits are harmless, but on their insides, they are harmful. All that glitters is not gold.

My point is to know all about what we enjoy, and be on guard.

Tony Tinajero




Published: April 3, 2014 - Volume 12 - Issue 51

Jennifer DeKay