Downey’s destiny is density

Dear Editor: I heard there is a townhouse development planned on Paramount Boulevard between 5th and 7th streets. Housing in Downtown Downey is cool, but trying to pack in people without concern for space density and parking impact on the neighborhood is a problem.

Do our city leaders really have to wait until there is a problem before they react? Isn’t that the point of leadership? They only fixed the “mini-mansionization” debacle after it became an overwhelming citywide problem.

How many more “packed and stacked” townhouse developments have to be built before we notice what’s happening?

Of course they will have closed garages and no driveways, just like the townhomes on Gallatin and Lakewood. Which, of course, means the garages will be full of storage. Since there is no interior street parking, and no driveways, where do you think all of those cars are going to be parked? Sorry neighborhood, there goes any street parking you thought you had.

There should be plenty of high-income wage earners walking around Downtown Downey after The View (100 percent affordable housing for “very low income residents”) fills up with those folks paying $500 a month for three-bedroom apartments.

Robert Hernandez




Published: Oct. 23, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 28

Jennifer DeKay