City meetings

Dear Editor:Re "Cut Those Long Meetings Short," 4/17/09). Nice article and it covered an area in need of attention. As I am at meetings I often bring up some subject to council that an earlier attempt had failed to correct. Need of road repairs might well begin with Public Works. Then after they listen and do nothing I bring it to council's attention. Quite often they choose to do nothing, numerous burned out street lights being one example. The following meeting I might do it as though it were for a first time. This can go on until someone comes to realize that there is a problem that will not go away and that the easiest way to quiet the complaint is to just fix it. Now quite obviously this does not make for close friendships but at least the street lights burn. In addition one might get a little closer attention to suggestions or complaints when a new issue comes along if past attempts have been successful in correcting a problem. For those who choose to let things just slide it is a bother to them. For those who make efforts to set things right I try to express my thanks for their efforts. As for the public getting their thoughts in order I think that this will be a difficult issue even though your efforts are well placed. It is important that all be allowed to speak their piece. One thing that might make meetings flow smoother is having the microphone adjusted so as to allow the public to hear what is being said. In the past this has not been a strong point for city management. Keep up the good work! It is much appreciated. - Richard B. Pridham, Downey

********** Published: April 24, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 1

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