Culture at the Avenue Theatre

Dear Editor:The latest suggestion for the future of the Avenue Theatre, by Jared Head of Chameleon Comedy, is a real Renaissance idea ("High Hopes for Avenue Theatre," 5/8/09). To have a rotating program of film, stage plays, the Shakespeare and other classic firebrands, art galleries, and performance artists, would make Downey a seedbed for the arts. These are events that would not compete with the Downey Theatre because the rent at that venue is too high for start-ups, improv groups and experimental artists. To have a small theater in a prime location is a necessity for such beginning talents. And Downtown Downey is the ideal place. We would be attracting audiences from far beyond Downey, who would shop and stroll and take refreshments on the beautifully landscaped streets. Perhaps two or three blocks on Downey Avenue would become a pedestrian mall on show nights on weekends. I am certain that an Avenue Arts group would soon develop, a kind of foundation of local benefactors who would like to encourage live art, artists and fine films. Their contributions would help underwrite the continuing cost of the presentations. I hope the City Council will see the possibilities that this opens up, like the transaction for Alladin's magic lamp, old building for new Avenue Arts Center, for Downey. - Lorine Parks, Downey

********** Published: May 15, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 4

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