Travelogues at the Avenue

Dear Editor:I am writing about two articles which I read during the past two weeks. One refers to the fact that the travelogues "did not show a profit." The other refers to plans for the Avenue Theatre as a "mixed housing and business facility" (in a business-only area?) or the use of the theater for cultural affairs, since it is less expensive than the beautiful Downey Theatre. In the first place, since when does the city need to "show a profit"? The city is there to serve its citizens, and if it breaks even, all the better. But a profit? No! We already pay taxes for that. Or has our city government lost all sense of proportion? At first, no information was available on the sudden cancellation of this popular program. Why the secrecy? Then it turned out that "no profit was made." A letter also informed us that the Avenue Theatre would be less costly than the Downey Theatre. We always voted for the city representatives for our district. We will now be more careful and watch their performance. At present, I see a very sad performance. Perhaps it is time to reschedule the travelogues for 2009-10 at the Avenue Theatre. I am sure that many of the senior citizens of Downey have enjoyed movies at the Avenue for decades, before it closed. It is now time to use this less costly facility for the travel shows, among other cultural activities. Please reconsider and reschedule. - Ingrid Altman, Downey

********** Published: May 15, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 4

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