Fun until the end

So the school year has finally come to an end and what a fun year it has been. From meeting great new friends, to taking on even more responsibilities and even picking up on some great opportunities, like writing for the Patriot; it has all been wonderful and exactly what I pictured my senior year of high school to be like.Now, it is time to shut off the alarm clock, drop all the text books, put away the pen and paper and just take some time to relax, at least for a month or so until college starts. While I know that having fun this summer is important, I will be sure to continue my writing for the Patriot every once in a while at least, not only because I enjoy it, but also because I would like to make sure my writing continues to stay strong so that I can return next year with even greater articles for the paper. There is no doubt in my mind that this summer will be one of my best. It is now time to have some fun with my friends, squeeze in some great summer books and get ready to leave for college, where my new life will start. See you next year for a fresh new Student Life!

********** Published: July 3, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 11

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