Marathon is finally over

My senior year was like running a marathon. I was excited to take on something that I worked so hard to reach, I got exhausted halfway through, but quickly thought about all the effort and energy I put towards accomplishing my goals and I could not give up. This year was definitely one that I will always cherish.From the start I knew it would be one to remember, not only because of my position as Editor-in-Chief for Warren's The Justice Newspaper, but also because of the people that I was going to be able to enjoy senior year with. While others were worried about taking multiple honors and AP courses to inflate their gpa's, I was simply taking the courses that I wanted to, not because it would boost my academics but because I wanted to. Senior year was a lot of work, but one of my favorite things that I worked hard for was writing for The Patriot. It has been a great experience because I was not only able to work on my writing skills, but I had the opportunity to evolve my communication skills. Alongside those skills, I also had the opportunity to work with journalist who gave the interns guidance on any issues we faced when it came to writing. That and being Editor-in-Chief, are two of the many things that I have worked very hard for and loved doing. Despite the fact that the high school has concluded, if possible I would like nothing better than to continue writing for The Patriot.

********** Published: July 3, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 11

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