Have you considered becoming a foster parent?


When I ran for office, my purpose was and always will be to serve the residents of Downey. These residents include children.

During my time in office I have learned that the need for foster homes continues to grow with Downey and neighboring cities experiencing an increase.

The primary purpose of foster care is to provide a safe and stable environment for a child who cannot be with his or her parents. Downey Cares Collaborative was formed to help children who have been displaced from their homes and need a place where they can feel safe. The group’s mission is to cultivate a public-private coalition to address the needs of children and families in the City of Downey who are affected by child abuse and neglect.

Many of us are unfamiliar with foster care and may wonder why it is so important. Maybe you have even considered becoming a foster parent but weren’t sure where to start. By opening your home to these children you will help them learn what a stable home looks like. Oftentimes they have suffered abuse or neglect from their own parents, so they have no idea what a loving home feels like. Foster parents can help them learn what it’s like to eat, sleep, and play in a place that is safe and stable.

Statistics have shown that foster kids are 50% more likely to become homeless, develop an addiction, be arrested and not graduate. I believe we are better than that!

Being a foster parent gives you the opportunity to teach a kid how to be a kid. With patience and love, a child can learn to laugh and to act their age. Foster parents help children understand that there are people who care for them and love them. Opening your home offers a safe transition period for the child while the biological family gets their issues resolved. Many times fostering can even lead to adoption.

Helping a foster child is an essential component of bringing families together and helping kids to grow up and excel in life regardless of what they have gone through.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in doing or would simply like more information, please join us on Saturday, May 4 from 10 am to 1 pm at New Seasons Church in Downey. Representatives from the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services will be on hand, along with other organizations, to answer questions and give information.

Knowing that there are children here in our city that need a home truly is heartbreaking. Please join me and Downey Cares Collaborative in helping our local kids.

Rick Rodriguez

(562) 904-7274

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